School Profile
School Profile
            Before 1955, there was a higher vocational school in Construction which was only one school. that Vocational education had expanded. The government at that time recognized the importance of vocational education. Therefore, the Ministry of Education had opened another type of school, namely Dusit Construction Technician School. It’s abbreviation name was "Kor Sor Dor" as the announcement of the Ministry of Education.

Announcement of the Ministry of Education establishing Dusit Construction School
The Ministry of Education considered it to expand the education of construction technicians more widely. To meet the needs of the people, the government had opened Dusit Constructuction at Ranong 2 Road, Dusit District, Phra Nakhon Province, named "Dusit Construction School" under the Department of Commercial and Industrial Schools, Department of Vocational Education. There are teaching construction technicians and other related subjects since the beginning of 1955.

(Signed) General M. Phromyothi
Minister of Education

Dusit Construction School had started teaching since May 17, 1955 by enrollment students in 2 departments:
• Higher Vocational Education Program, Construction Department (3-year course) accepted students who had completed high school level.
• Higher Vocational Course, Carpentry Department (1 year course) accepted students who had completed a high school vocational level.

In the first year of open enrollment, we had the first year students as follows:
• Construction Department 73 people.
• Carpentry department 9 people

The following year, the school had expanded the carpentry program to three years and had started teaching in the afternoon programmer according to the policy of the Ministry of Education to help students who had no places to study, which finally this afternoon program had closed in 1961, the In 1960, according to the policy of National Education Plan, Department of Vocational Education had improved the curriculum of various schools the same as Construction School which was originally a high school vocational level It became a school at the level of high school vocational level in 1961. These schools had taught construction technician in 5 departments as follows:
• Building Carpentry Department
• Furniture Carpentry Department
• Plastering Department
• Sanitary Ware Department
• Drafting Department

On December 1st, 1976, Dusit Construction School was upgraded to "Bangkok Vocational College, Dusit Area 1" and was changed to "Nakhon Luang Industrial Technician College" and then was changed to Dusit Technical College on January 1, 1979.

General information
Address: 76 Ranong 2 Road, Thanon Nakhon Chaisi Sub-district, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300
Telephone number 02-241-0099 , 02-241-1317
Fax number 02-241-3648
Area: 10 rai, 3 ngan, 52 square wa

Colors of Dusit Technical College

Colors of  Dusit Technical College are blue - yellow which has the following meanings.
Blue means Construction Technician, Dusit Technical College opens and teaches the only one field of construction.
All subjects are related to construction work which are civil engineer, survey, architectural techniques, Furniture industry and interior decoration. 
Yellow means prosperity, progress, high value like gold, prosperity of a construction technician. The students who come under this flag, will be obtained basic knowledge of the professions in the fields of construction technician, civil architecture, survey, furniture and interior industry. They will create prosperity for the nation forever.

The tree of Dusit Technical College 
The tree of Dusit Technical College is a teak that had been planted in front of the college for ten years. They are good quality teak wood which is suitable for making furniture. It is a wood with beautiful patterns, expensive, and is considered as the first-class wood. The students of this college must act as valuable as teak that is a valuable wood in construction.

Logo of Dusit Technical College
Logo of Dusit Technical College is a symbol representing various departments offered in this college. The appearance of the logo consists of several triangles are in a square frame. Each figure of blue color and white frame has a different meaning as follows.
1. A blue square with a white frame means a construction worker, a house worker, a model construction school that produces many construction workers who worked as teachers in various technical colleges. Construction workers considered blue as the blood of Vishnu who is the god of construction.
2. White and red triangles looks like sixty degrees collide into a pediment means architecture is a symbol of architectural technicians. who use more drawing equipment than other technicians.
3. The white and gray solid triangles at the bottom of the pediment means that the basic faculties consist of basic subjects, general subjects, and relational subjects. These subjects are important subjects as well as the profession cultivate them to be good citizens, have morals and be able to live in society.
4. A triangle formed by white and gray triangle come together It will be the roof facing up that is Department of Civil Engineering.
5. If you rotate this logo and let the end of the triangle point down, it will look like the image of a plumb which means an explorer. The logo that is put on the wall next to the doorway of Building 4, also known as a four-storey building, the below of the logo is the college's philosophy. There is a message as follows: "Outstanding skills, emphasizing morality, leading subjects, social development"

Dusit Technical College’s Map

Philosophy of  Dusit Technical College
Outstanding skills  Emphasizing virtue
Lead knowledge to social development

Meaning of philosophy

Outstanding Skills
Dusit Technical College There are clear goals according to the policy of vocational institutions to Produce quality people to develop the nation with an emphasis on learning both practice in various disciplines until having the expertise to be used in the professional as a guideline for further higher education.

Emphasis on morality
Dusit Technical College’s goal is to produce students with virtue. to instill concepts ethics, morality and ethics in life, such as maintaining honesty,  self-restraint,  patience, forbearance, frugality, avoidance of corruption, manners, honor, reputation of one's own group, and institution.

Lead knowledge to social development
Lead knowledge to Dusit Technical College Started teaching from higher vocational education courses in construction department in order to produce individuals with theoretical knowledge and practice. After graduation, there will be people with knowledge and competence ranked at the forefront of Field of study technician.
Social Development Dusit Technical College’s objective is to produce professional students to have efficiency in terms of knowledge , the ability in the field of skills to have occupations in both the government sector and the private sector.

Motto of Dusit Technical College
Viriyen Dukkhamcceti

Translation:  A person overcomes suffering with perseverance.

Create good people with construction skills to be accepted by organizations 

1.Provide vocational education and vocational training to meet vocational education standards by integrating the philosophy of sufficiency economy.
2.Conduct research and development of inventions and innovation to keep pace with modern technology.
3.Develop and disseminate knowledge including professional services to the Community.
4. Religion maintenance, arts and culture and sustainably conserve the environment. 
5. Manage work according to good governance principles. encourage participation and to give importance to human resource development

Good workmanship Have virtue

Comprehensive Construction Institute

It is a learning institution and a complete range of construction services.


Construction specialist.

Current Operating in level of education 
Currently, educational institutions offer teaching at various levels as follows:
• Vocational certificate level (Vocational Certificate), Normal 
system accepts those who graduated from junior high school (Grade 3)
• High Vocational Diploma (High Vocational Certificate), Accept 
graduates (Vocational Certificate) normal system
• Diploma level (High Vocational Certificate) accepts graduates. Level 6
• High Vocational Diploma (High Vocational Certificate), Accepting 
graduates (High Vocational Certificate) with a dual system
• Bachelor's degree (B.L.L.) Accepting graduates (High Vocational 

Dusit Technical College has 3 levels of teaching and learning in industrial subjects as follows:
1) Vocational certificate level (vocational certificate)
Industrial subjects, Construction is open 5 programs as follows;
1.1) Construction 
1.2) Civil engineer
1.3) Architecture 
1.4) Survey 
1.5) Furniture and interior decoration sector

2) High Vocational Diploma (High Vocational Certificate)
Industrial subjects, construction is open 5 program as follows;
2.1) Field of construction supervision techniques
2.2) Civil engineer
2.3) Architectural techniques
2.4) Survey 
2.5) Furniture and interior decoration industry

3) Bachelor’s degree is open 1 major, namely construction technology.
Guidelines for Educational Management at Dusit Technical College Academic. The College will administer and manage education for students to possess knowledge, professional and academic competence to meet the needs of the labor market continually and efficiently and to promote and support knowledge concrete individual abilities Morality. Activities are encouraged to conserve religion, arts and culture in order to create good habits for students to uplift the good traditions of the nation. Personnel We will proceed and prepare in quantity and quality to be sufficient for all students.

Building            We will make the most of existing resources and will improve and develop the
                        buildings, the places and environment within our college to be suitable for 
                        teaching and learning.

Administrative We will promote democracy for students - students and will 
cooperate with all parties to prevent and solve adolescent 
problems seriously.
Social We will support and collaborate with both public and private 
sectors to develop society according to democracy policy 
in all aspects.